This call for proposal is part of the Majalat initiative, whose objective is to create and promote a space of constructive dialogue between civil society organizations, trade unions, social movements and universities from the southern Mediterranean and the European Union to influence the EU's vision and policies towards the Southern shore of the Mediterranean.

Within this framwork, five dialogue themes were selected: Migration, Governance and the Rule of Law, Economic Development and Social Dialogue, Security and counter-violence, Climate and Social Justice. The purpose of this call for projects is to expand the reflections from the workshops organized on each theme during the 1st half of 2019, taking into consideration the needs of the country where the action will be implemented.

Themes of the workshops

Sub-Theme (theme for the project)

Good governance and rule of law

Corruption / Shrinking space for civil society


Social protection and migrants’ rights

Security and counter violence

From security to countering violence: a renewed, rights-based approach

Economic Development and Social dialogue

The role of the private sector and investment and trade policies.

Climate and Social Justice

Social and climate justice, what approach?


The projects will be funded with a maximum amount of 8000 Euro.

The activities will have to be implemented between 20 September and 31 October 2019.

To apply please find here :

1. The Application Guidelines

2. The Application form (you can fill it in English or in Arabic)

3. Budget template (to be joined to the application form)