Southern Neighbourhood
Good governance and rule of law
Economic development and social dialogue
Climate and social justice
Migration and mobility
Security and countering violence

The project MAJALAT is a space of encounter and constructive dialogue between the civil society of the South of the Mediterranean and the European Union (EU). Within the framework of this project we are calling for participation in  a competition to stimulate research work in the southern Mediterranean and expand the participation for researchers, academics and specialists. To present in-depth studies or reports dealing with the European Union's policies towards the southern Mediterranean In the following areas:

•    Economic development and social dialogue 
•    Good governance and the rule of law
•    Migration 
•    Security and Countering Violence
•    Youth 
•    Climate change  
•    Social justice

Participation requirements
-    Minimum academic level for the candidate: Master of Research in Humanities and / or Political Sciences.
-    The papers presented must cover Policies of Neighborhood for The European Union in relation with the countries of southern shores of the Mediterranean In the aforementioned axes. 
-    The competition is open to researchers from southern Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Libya or Tunisia)

How to participate 
-    Please register by sending your CV via e-mail:
Registration deadline: April 26, 2021
-    You will receive an email to confirm your registration.
-    Please submit papers no later than May 20, 2021.
-    Researches and studies shall be sent to the e-mail address in a Word file. 

Selection criteria 
-    Research papers should be updated and relevant to the current context of Euro-Mediterranean relations and the embedded data or information. 
-    Researchers must be committed to scientific integrity, should not copy, or impersonate ideas without any references.
-    Research sources and references should be reliable in practice and the data included should complete. 
-    The research should not be less than (800) words and not more than (1200) words.
-    Impartiality or claiming neutrality in the papers is not a condition for accepting the participation, but it rather be supported With methodological objectivity, using qualitative and quantitative scientific research methods and methodologies. 
-    Studies must be meticulously prepared and well documented with sources and references.
-    The researcher remains the owner of the intellectual property of the research, knowing that registering for this competition means agreeing to publish and translate research papers on Majalat website.   

Awards of Competition:
 Monetary rewards Values For the best three research papers in each of the aforementioned fields