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Migration and mobility

What are the observations of civil society organizations (CSOs), trade unions and social movements regarding the effects of the pandemic on migration and mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean area?

Majalat is organizing a webinar on May 29 on the theme of “migration and mobility”, during which participants will have the opportunity to dwell on the recommendations presented at the 2019 Brussels Civil Society Forum as well as review them in light of the current circumstances.

Attempting to prioritize social protection and migrants’ rights on the one hand, and strengthening the level of engagement of civil society in bilateral discussions on the other, several CSOs have already expressed serious concerns about EU migration policies and expressed their fear that it might weaken its ability to be a lever for human rights and democracy.

With the COVID-19 crisis, the international migration system has been shaken and national borders are making a comeback.

However, the pandemic has exposed the extent of the interdependence between regions, including the Euro-Mediterranean region, of which the migration system is a fundamental component. What health protection could be possible for migrant and refugee populations on both sides of the Mediterranean? What happens to the migrant workforce, especially those having their living depend on agriculture? What impact does the fall in foreign currency transactions have on national economies that were hit by the recession? What place for civil society in the dialogue process with the concerned authorities?