Southern Neighbourhood
Economic development and social dialogue

The Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) is pleased to invite you to participate in a training webinar on EU policies and mechanisms, with a focus on trade and investment policies and civil society’s role. The event (details below) will be the second online webinar under the theme ‘Economic Development and Social Dialogue’ (ECOSOC) as part of the MAJALAT project** activities for the year 2020. 


This training webinar is a capacity building session tailored for civil society organizations looking to deepen their knowledge on the trade and investment policies of the EU towards its Southern Neighborhood Countries (SNCs), and the mechanisms involved in decision making on these policies. This session will start with the basics, with an overview of the EU institutions and the approach promoted in EU trade strategies. The content will then focus on the EU’s relation to the SNCs, including the impact of Free Trade Agreements that have been implemented. With regard to investment, the main focus will be on the External Investment Plan and the role of the private sector and European banks. 


The session will also assess participant CSOs’ engagement with the available EU mechanisms for civil society; and present information on spaces for engagement and advocacy within EU institutions and policy processes. The last part of the session will be open to country-level observations by the participants to elaborate and enhance the set of recommendations developed during the Brussels Civil Society Forum.


The trainer in this webinar will be Bihter Moschini, who has over 10 years of experience researching EU economic policies and their impact on the Arab Region. Her presentation will be in English, with translation available to Arabic and French. Participants can participate in the discussion using any of the three languages.