Southern Neighbourhood
European countries
Good governance and rule of law

On the basis of the recommendations of the Southern Neighborhood Seminar I (Amman 2018) and the Southern Mediterranean Civil Society Forum (Brussels 2018- report), this two-day workshop will focus on two related themes: civil society organizations (CSOs) victims of a narrowed civil society space, and promoting the role of CSOs in the fight against corruption

While civil society workspaces in the southern neighborhood of the European Union are under drastic restraint, civil society in the EU is also facing setbacks and interferences that undermine its work, to the detriment of developing and maintaining respect for human rights, the rule of law, good governance and democratic principles. These restrictions on the space of civil society directly enhance another scourge that undermines the southern neighborhood, corruption.

The purpose of this workshop is to formulate specific and feasible policy recommendations for action at both the national and regional levels and fine-tune the previous outputs from the Amman Seminar and Brussels forum that to be able to propose them to the EU under the structured dialogue. Proposals and entry points already identified are:

- Creation of regional instrument for the protection of human rights and civil society space

- Protection of the whistle-blowers

South-North cooperation in fighting corruption, money laundering and illicit financial flows, asset recovery and access to information

The workshop will bring together representatives of South African CSOs specialized in the fight against corruption, CSOs threatened by a shrinking work space, EU and civil society experts, and representatives of the main regional networks of civil society.

As part of the  Festival Sabir “Mediterranean Cultures”, the workshop will be followed by a plenary session on the third day with European CSOs, with the aim of sharing their experiences on the themes of the conference, and promoting cooperation between CSOs from the South and Europe.