Southern Neighbourhood

The Euromed France Network (REF) organized a “youth” workshop in Amman, bringing together about twenty-five participants under 35, from eight Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, France). This workshop aimed to promote the engagement of young representatives of civil society organizations, trade unions and social movements involved in the EU's Southern neighborhood and to strengthen the capacity of young people to challenge the European Union on the issues that concern them. This workshop was a continuation of the  South Policy Seminar I held in Amman on 20 and 21 September.

This youth Workshop allowed:

 • To consider ways of thinking about the inclusion of the youth dimension and the partnerships to be forged between the EU and young people in the Southern neighborhood.

• To discuss the relevance of EU-funded / EU-funded programs for the youth of the Southern shore of the Mediterranean.

 • To discuss the global strategy of the European Union towards the youth of its Southern neighborhood on the basis of recommendations formulated in previous forums.

 • To clarify the issues that participants consider should be at the heart of tomorrow's European policies. The themes at the heart of these exchanges were employment and training, mobility, the fight against violence, and sexual and reproductive health.