The objective of the Majalat webinar series was to review, formulate and validate a list of recommendations regarding questions of priority for youth in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
The aim of these recommendations is to have it reach the European Commission

Through the Majalat and its webinar series, which offered a space for dialogue during the times of a global pandemic , a list of recommendations was validated, in the field of Security and Countering Violence

Strengthening the legal framework

Enhancing international and regional cooperation in the field of return to ensure that returns are carried out in humanitarian ways

Promote national capacity building measures and technical training for border management authorities

What is meant by migration?

Regular migration

Who is an irregular immigrant?

Violations linked to irregular migration

Facts about immigration the drivers of migration

Contributions of migrants in destination countries

Obstacles that impede the recognition of migrants' contributions

Recommendations: Means to address irregular migration Is repatriation the most effective solution?

Radical solutions to irregular migration within the country of origin of migrants

Involving the receiving country in the process of finding solutions

Digital and electronic violence

Young people in the south of the Mediterranean suffer from Partial unemployment

Work in the informal sector

Unstable jobs

The health emergency decisions led to the total closure, including the educational institutions

The COVID-19 crisis has threatened the fortunes of young people in:


Vocational Training

Training Employment

Going back to work.

As part of the activities of the Majalat consortium, a webinar series was held to discuss the thematic of security and countering violence in the context of Covid-19

A perilous journey towards an unknown death boats
Immediate damages upon the arrival of those who have been saved
Immigrants are leaders of social and cultural change in the world