The "Majalat" project was launched three years ago and is nearing completion, it promotes the rapprochement between civil society activities in the Mediterranean, regarding topics of interest to the southern shore of the Mediterranean:  governance, violence, climate, youth and migration, economic conditions, community dialogue.
Where many initiatives launched within the framework of these projects by gathering the most important researchers and experts, the most active civil society organizations and influential unions, and the best video mirroring the concerns of the southern shore of the Mediterranean.
MAJALAT received many contributions and a video documentary from Algeria entitled "Tell the Truth “Was selected as the best script and image work. Prepared and directed by journalist and human rights activist Said Boudour. It is a story that deals with one of the most important and burning issues facing the Arab youth in North Africa and the Middle East, which is the phenomenon of irregular migration or "harga" as it is termed in the Maghreb region. 
This documentary addresses the issue of irregular immigration which attracts many young people to North Africa and the Middle East. This documentary reviews the social situation of youth working in an environment that does not respect international laws and standards. The author is also interested in the political aspect of the phenomenon by explaining how the Algerian peaceful popular movement, "Al Hirak", succeeded in stopping the immigration of the young people before the repression exerted by the authorities pushes them back to resort to illegal immigration again. Activist Chameseddine Laalami was interviewed during this documentary to explain the situation of young Algerians who opt for irregular immigration. 
The quality of the image, sound and script elocution were among the most important factors for selecting this work as the best for this contest. The value of the prize will be announced soon​​

Story from the field
Migration and mobility