Good governance and rule of law


Abdelhamid Amine, a famous Algerian cartoonist and critic of the government, has announced his exile in France after being sentenced in December 2019 to one year in prison, including three months in prison for his caricatures.


The cartoonist, known as Nime, made the announcement on social media via a poignant cartoon entitled The Move. On Thursday, the cartoonist posted a Facebook status where he explained that his “departure is not an escape, because if [his] body is now elsewhere, [his] heart is and will forever remain in Algeria.”


Prior to his conviction in December 2019, Nime had been arrested for a political painting entitled The Elected One, published on his Twitter account. The Elected One featured Algerian presidential candidates (won by Abdelmadjid Tebboune) as Cinderella, trying on a shoe held by Prince Charming, represented in the painting by former army chief of staff Ahmed Gaïd Salah (who died last December).