Migration and mobility

A Moroccan NGO told AFP that Algeria expelled around 40 Moroccan migrants via the land border, which has been closed since 1994 and was exceptionally opened on this occasion.

Hassane Ammari, head of the association Aide aux migrants en situation vulnérable (AEMSV), said that “the Algerian authorities handed over to their Moroccan counterparts around 40 migrants through the border post of Zouj Bghal, which was opened exceptionally.” The expelled migrants were taken back to their respective cities of origin by bus by the Moroccan authorities, who have remained discreet about this matter. AEMSV had previously written to the Algerian authorities to try to obtain the release of seven Moroccan migrants, at the request of their families, “but surprisingly the number of expelled persons was around 40,” according to the same source.

Algiers broke off diplomatic relations with Rabat on 24 August, accusing it of “hostile actions.” Morocco, for its part, regretted the “unjustified” decision to break off bilateral relations, rejecting “the fallacious, even absurd, pretexts that underlie it.”