Migration and mobility



The International Organization for Migration (IOM) mentioned that Algeria has expelled more than 1,200 migrants to Niger since the announcement of the reopening of the land border between the two countries on 14 July.


The IOM office in Niger said in a Facebook post on 26 July that “on 18 July, an official convoy of 515 Nigerien repatriates arrived from Algeria. On 16 July, 752 migrants from West Africa arrived on foot in Assamakka, the [Nigerien] town closest to the Algerian border.” The organisation added that all the migrants “received non-food items (hygiene kits, blankets, mats, etc) thanks to the funding from the Italian Ministry of the Interior.”


According to the United Nations (UN), Algeria has expelled tens of thousands of irregular migrants from West and Central Africa since 2014. The Algerian authorities are often accused by national and international NGOs of arbitrarily expelling sub-Saharan migrants and sometimes abandoning them in the middle of the desert.


Photo credit: IOM office in Niger