Good governance and rule of law


The Rassemblement Action Jeunesse (RAJ) issued a statement announcing that it had received from a judicial officer “a summons to appear before the administrative court of Algiers, following a request filed by the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities seeking the dissolution of the RAJ association on the pretext that the association’s activities are in violation of Law 12/06 governing associations and in contradiction with the objectives listed in the association”s statutes.”


The president of the RAJ, Abdelouhab Fersaoui, was also summoned to appear “as soon as possible” at the central police station in Bejaïa. According to the association’s statement, the purpose of the summons was not specified.


Very active in the popular Hirak movement, the association announced that a group of lawyers will soon be formed to respond to the request filed by the Ministry of the Interior. The RAJ will, also, inform the public opinion of all the developments of the dissolution procedure and the summoning of its president by the police.