Economic development and social dialogue

During a Ministerial Council held last Sunday, the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced that the authorities have chosen the city of Tamanrasset, located 2,000 kilometers south of Algiers, to launch the project to establish the largest air hub in Africa.

As part of a new development plan for the air sector, this plan aims to make Tamanrasset a hub dedicated to the transport of passengers and freight in Africa. Located at the gateway to West Africa, this Sahel city would thus become the first destination for travellers from different African cities. Travellers who will see their stopovers become shorter and less expensive.

In a statement given to the online newspaper Sputnik, the airline expert, Lamine Chouiter, claimed that the launch of such a project would be part of an economic revolution in Algeria. However, the expert explained that for the hub to properly achieve all its objectives, Algeria will need to create a new airline that will be exclusively dedicated to Africa.

 It is worthy to note that Air Algérie is experiencing great difficulties, Lamine Chouiter called for the creation of a new airline with public-private mixed Algerian capital with the participation of shareholders from other African states. The expert insisted on the importance of an African identity for this new company in order “to have a continental involvement in this project”.