Southern Neighbourhood
Climate and social justice

After the sentencing last Tuesday of Algerian journalist Khaled Drareni to two years in prison for “inciting an unarmed gathering and undermining the integrity of the national territory”, Algerian justice sentenced, Thursday, former police officer who became a figure of Hirak, to two years in prison as well.

Accused of “threatening police officers” and “disclosing professional secrets on Facebook”, Toufik Hassani had denounced the police repression of a student march in October 2019 in Algiers. 

Online newspaper ‘Tout sur l'Algérie’ reported that the former police officer was released on charges of undermining the integrity of national unity and that the public prosecutor’s office had demanded 5 years in prison and a 100.000 Algerian dinars fine.

According to the Committee for the Release of Detainees (CNLD), approximately 45 people in Algeria are currently imprisoned for participating in social movements. 

In order to prevent a possible resumption of 'Hirak', the Algerian authorities have been carrying out, for monts, a series of arrests and prosecutions against opponents, journalists and Internet users.