Good governance and rule of law

The Rassemblement Actions Jeunesse (RAJ) association was dissolved on 13 October 2021 following a decision by the Algiers Administrative Court, which approved the request of the Ministry of Interior.

In a press release, RAJ declared that “the verdict of the trial opposing the Ministry of the Interior to the RAJ association has just fallen. The judge at the administrative court of Algiers has just pronounced the dissolution of the RAJ association despite the work of the lawyers who have shown in the requests and in the pleadings that the file is empty in substance and in form, as they were also able to deconstruct a request based on suppositions without any evidence as noted by the judges of the court. After 28 years of work, one of the most active Algerian youth associations announced that it will continue ‘its fight to continue to exist on the ground.’”

The association also announced that an appeal will be filed with the Council of State, which will make a final decision.