Women's rights

A 19 years old girl was violently raped and burnt alive, last October. This incident sparked a debate in the country on violence against women and the societal silence towards it that makes it an accomplice. 

22 actresses, therefore, made a spot to denounce violence against women. This campaign, led by Bahia Rachedi, Souhile Maalem, and Adile Bendimerad, is destined to fight against social pressure imposed on women, physical and moral violence, as well as femicide. 

In a message posted in social media, the actresses said “We, Algerian actresses, unite today to say enough to violence and femicide. We are calling for more awareness and a general mobilisation to stop this violence.”

According to the campaign group Femicides Algeria, 54 women may have been killed in 2020. To contain the increasing rates of violence against women, 10 organizations proposed solutions to public authorities to reduce violence and femicide in Algeria. These organizations suggest many solutions including creating reception centres to receive woman and children who are victims of violence with a budget entirely dedicated to them.