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With just a few days to go before the conclusion of the Glasgow climate conference, COP26, the UN has called on the participating countries to be more ambitious in their commitments.

Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), declared that the mountain of promises for the climate “gives birth to a mouse.” This statement comes at a time when some thirty countries have put new commitments on the table, in the short or long term, notably Brazil and India, which has committed to carbon neutrality by 2070.

The International Energy Agency has estimated that if all the short-term and carbon-neutral pledges are met, warming could be limited to +1.8°C. In an analysis published on Tuesday, the Climate Action Tracker predicted a rise of +2.4°C based on short-term targets.

All these evaluations “show that there has been progress but that it is clearly not enough”, commented Tuesday the president of the COP26 Alok Sharma, who wants to be able to say with “credibility” at the end of this conference that the objective of + 1.5 ° C is “alive”.