Good governance and rule of law

A shocking video was taken last Saturday in Al-Husseiniya hospital showing an apocalyptic scene in its intensive care unit. “Everyone is dead in intensive care,” says the person who took the video. The 45 seconds video shows the medical stuff trying to save the patients, while others were in shock. 

On Sunday, Egyptian authorities announced starting an investigation on the patients’ death. In a declaration to the AFP, a judiciary source claimed that “the Public Prosecution service convened the hospital’s director to investigate with him.” The source did not mention any details about the date of the catastrophe. Authorities claimed that 4 patients died. However, other sources insist all the 7 patients died. 

The Minister of Health and Population (MoHP), Hala Zayed, claimed that hospitals is equipped with enough oxygen that can cover all Covid-19 patients of the country. The minister’s advisor, Khalid Moujahed, adds that the 4 patients are both elderlies and vulnerable and that not all deaths occurred at the same time. 

Overall, Egypt has reported 140,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases, including 7,800 deaths. However, the actual number of COVID-19 cases in Egypt are thought to be far higher, because it considers only those who tested positive in the laboratories of the ministry of Health.