Good governance and rule of law

Hisham Al-Qadi Hanafi, a former judge and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, died on Thursday 30 December 2021 in Al-Aqrab prison in Cairo. According to his family, the former judge, aged 61, died of “medical negligence.” The Middle East Eye newspaper revealed that the deceased died 10 days after his transfer to Al-Aqrab prison.

Arrested in 2014, Hicham Al-Qadi Hanafi spent four years in prison, before being released and then put in custody again on 8 March 2021 after being sentenced to 15 years in prison. His older brother, Abu Bakr Al-Qadi, died in an Egyptian prison in 2014.

According to several national and international NGOs, 50 prisoners will have died as a result of medical negligence in Egyptian prisons by 2021.

The Egyptian regime is often accused of repressing its political opponents under the pretext of fighting terrorism.