In a joint letter to several foreign ministers, more than 100 international NGOs called on governments to support the creation of a monitoring and reporting mechanism on the human rights situation in Egypt that is getting worse. Governments are called upon to support this proposal at the 46th general session of the UN Human Rights Council, which will open on February 22, 2021 in Geneva

In this context, the director of the Geneva office of Human Rights Watch, John Fisher, declared that “the countries of the UN Human Rights Council should finally send the Egyptian government the message that its violations are and will be watched and reported, and that the courageous Egyptians who face oppression daily are not alone in their struggle.”

Citing recent incidents in Egypt such as the arrest of the leaders of the Egyptian Initiative for Human Rights (EIPR), the organizations that signed considered that the silence and inaction of the partner states of the Egypt encouraged the authorities to continue their violations against defenders of human rights.