Good governance and rule of law

The wife of journalist Hicham Fouad, who has been in prison since June 2019, said her husband's health is deteriorating day by day. In a statement granted to the online newspaper Al Manassa News, Madiha Hussein revealed that her husband suffers from a herniated disc and a serious stomach infection.

Hicham Fouad has been in pre-trial detention since June 2019. The journalist and labor rights activist is among those accused in the "Hope Plan" case described by Egyptian authorities as "a conspiracy between leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in exile and the civil opposition in Egypt against the state and its institutions with the aim of overthrowing the regime on June 30. These statements implicated several Muslim Brotherhood members and opposition figures abroad and referred to the arrest of an unknown number of persons in Egypt.

The journalist's family has filed a request with the Tora Leman prison administration for Hicham Fouad to have access to medical care inside or outside the prison with a commitment to cover the costs of such care.

On December 20 of this year, the journalist's lawyer, Khaled Ali, applied to the Public Prosecutor's Office for his client to be able to consult specialist doctors and be hospitalized. Like Mr. Fouad's family, Khaled Ali has undertaken to cover the costs of hospitalization and medical consultations necessary for his client.