Economic development and social dialogue

In a statement, the delegation of the European Union has signed at the end of 2020 five financing agreements with the Government of Jordan providing up to €159 million support in the form of grants, technical cooperation and support for project implementation. These agreements consolidate the position of the EU as one of Jordan’s main supporters.

This EU support covers the implementation of programmes in five different areas including boosting economic reforms, supporting the education sector, supporting public integrity and accountability, engaging with youth, and implementing the EU-Jordan partnership priorities.

In this regard, the Ambassador stressed that “the EU will continue developing the priorities for EU’s support and cooperation with Jordan in the context of a Renewed Partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood. The most pressing challenges continue to be building resilient economies that lead to growth and job creation, especially among young people. The post-COVID recovery is a crucial moment for Europe and the Mediterranean region to address challenges, and address them with more creative and innovative responses.”