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Migration and mobility


The proposal to reform European migration policy, which was postponed several times, will be presented on September 23, said the head of the European executive Ursula von der Leyen. 

The European Commission is indeed seeking to “abolish” the Dublin Regulation, which gives responsibility for processing asylum applications to the country of first entry into Europe.

In a speech before the European Parliament, Von der Leyen said “I can announce that we will abolish the Dublin Regulation and replace it with a new European system of migration governance”.

While the first countries of destination of migrants (Italy, Malta and Greece) complain about the overload of the migratory flow, the president of the European Commission promised “that there will be common structures for asylum and return, and there will be a new strong solidarity mechanism”. The proposal for the reform of the European migration policy will have to be accepted by the member states.

This announcement comes after the fire in the refugee camp that took place in Moria in Greece, which reopened the debate on the lack of solidarity between European countries in the management of migratory flows. 

To remind, following this announcement, Belgium committed to receive between 100 and 150 migrants, while France said it was ready to assume its responsibilities.