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Migration and mobility

Despite the extreme low temperatures, the prefectures of Lille and the Arras have not started their “Plan Grand Froid” (deep cold plan) yet which leaves hundreds of immigrants homeless in the region of Calais. 

Many NGOs working on the rights of immigrants, in this regard, called the authorities to launch the program as soon as possible. 

The NGO “Auberge des migrants” declared in a tweet “1 to 2 °, wind and rain. It is inhuman to let people suffer outside, under the additional threat of having their tent and their sleeping bag taken and of having their fire put out. Gentlemen, launch the deep cold plan.” 

The coordinator of the NGO Utopia 56 in Calais, Pierre Roques, mentioned to Infomigrants that “a plan for people of underage has been officially launched in Saint-Omer January 4 but it is still not enough.” According to Roques, there are only about fifty of these accommodations installed in containers, while Calais has at least 150 unaccompanied immigrants.