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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) has launched a call for tenders to collect data on the social networks of candidates for migration to Europe. As part of its risk analysis mission, Frontex wants to set up monitoring of social networks in the broad sense (such as Facebook, forums, blogs, My Space, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, etc.) to fight against illegal immigration via a system of "alerts". According to the tender, "This report should include data and analysis of relevant actors using social media: migrants, traffickers/smugglers, civil society and diaspora communities in destination countries" in the EU.

Thanks to Big Data software and the concept of "predictive intelligence", the objective of this new form of espionage and carding is to profile those who are likely to leave to cross borders illegally, specific areas of departure and arrival, planned trips, their contacts, the help they receive, any interactions with criminal activities, etc.

Frontex also wants to use this data to refine the analysis of motivations, expectations and intentions, opportunities and means related to migration.


Invitation to tender from the Frontex agency of September 25, 2019