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On May 30, 2020, the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES by its French acronym), published a press release (in French or Arabic) criticizing the major loopholes in the interim report (in English) of the “evaluation consortium” of the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements, which was mandated by the European Commission.  

According to FTDES, the before-mentioned report, has been already criticized by 24 organizations from the six concerned Euro-Mediterranean countries, last December (in French or Arabic).

FTDES also noted that despite their submission of a number of specific questions, which they thought need to be addressed and improved, to the evaluation team on May 8, the report’s final outcome only had some marginal improvements, even though it still did not deviate from its trajectory.

“The used macroeconomic model is still inconsistent with its objectives and is imposed by the European Commission, which reveals a violation of the principle of independence. The evaluators have only analysed the results that were provided by the European Commission […] It is a model with neoliberal assumptions […]”, added FTDES.

The press release also highlighted that civil society organizations were not given the chance to have their contributions taken into account during the writing process of this report.

FTDES criticised the consortium’s communication strategy as it only published the interim report in English without considering the addition of both an Arabic and French version. Such choice could have a major impact on its reach, namely in the North Africa region.