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Human Rights Watch (HRW) has released a new report accusing the Egyptian authorities of committing several extrajudicial executions under the guise of counter-terrorism.


Entitled “‘Security Forces Dealt with Them’: Suspicious Killings and Extrajudicial Executions by Egyptian Security Forces,” the 101-page report revealed that “suspected armed fighters who were executed in so-called shootings posed no immediate danger to the security forces or others at the time they were killed, and in many cases were already in custody.”

Joe Stork, Deputy Director of the Middle East Division at HRW, said that “Egyptian security forces have for years carried out extrajudicial executions, claiming that the men had been killed in shootouts.”

The NGO called on “Egypt’s international partners to stop arms transfers to Egypt and to impose sanctions on the security services and officials who bear the greatest responsibility for these repeated violations.”