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The spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Safa Msehli, around 500 migrants were intercepted by the Libyan coast guard in the Mediterranean in two days. 


In a statement to Infomigrants, Msehli said that the migrants, who were divided to seven vessels and spent two days at sea, were all sent back to Libya. According to the same source, about twenty people drowned at sea.


It should be recalled that on 15 July, Amnesty International published a report on the situation of migrants in Libyan detention centres. According to the NGO, migrants are victims of violence, rape and torture in these centres. The NGO calls for their “immediate closure.” 


Amnesty International accused the European Union of “complicity” in the fate of migrants in Libyan detention centres. For its part, the Italian Parliament renewed its financial and logistical support to the Libyan coast guard.