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Italian police have arrested 10 Nigerian citizens for human trafficking charges after using voodoo rituals to lure their victims, bring them to Italy and then involve them in prostitution.

The Catania police announced that the victims, including minors, had paid varying amounts of up to 25.000 Euros per person in exchange for a risky trip from Nigeria to Libya and then to Italy via the Mediterranean.


In a public statement, police said that rituals were practiced against the victims by swearing an oath not to flee and pay the costs of the trip to Europe and not to disclose anything related to their migration process.

According to the same statement, the defendants benefited from an amount of 12 million euros.


The suspects face possible charges of criminal association with the aim of trafficking in human beings, aiding and abetting illegal migration and exploitation through prostitution.


It appears that a Nigerian woman named Jolie confessed to the Catania police immediately after she was saved the SOS Mediterranean together with 433 other migrants, which contributed to stopping the parties to the human trafficking gang.