The president of the Union of Egyptian Workers in Italy, Issa Skander, said that his organization carried out a twinning with the Union of Italian Workers (UIL) which brings together more than 3.5 million Italian and foreign workers.

Thanks to this twinning and the activities of the offices of the Egyptian Workers Union - offices that operate in all regions of Italy - Egyptian workers will now be able to benefit from the same services available to Italians.

In addition, Issa Skander announced that the family reunification project has entered its second phase. Funded by the European Union, this project aims to teach the Italian language and culture to the families of migrants who wish to join Italy. Thanks to this program, migrants can apply for family reunification in Italy and their families can benefit from all the advantages offered to regular migrants.

Let us recall that the Union of Egyptian Workers' Unions in Italy is a mediator between the Ministry of Labour and several other ministries in Egypt and between Italian authorities and ministries. Created in 1990, the trade union organization is officially recognized by both countries and works to facilitate several procedures for Egyptian workers in Italy.