Good governance and rule of law

This year, 450 Jordanian women have announced their candidacies in the legislative elections that is due in November.

This figure is one of the highest in recent years. In 2010, 252 women ran for the legislative elections out of a total of 965 candidates. For this year, 450 women are running out of a total number of 1300 candidates, equivalent to a little less than a third according to the first official figures.

Although the electoral law ensures for a quota for women to have the opportunity to run in the 23 constituencies of the 12 governorates competing over a number of 130 seats, the number of their candidacies is not usually as high.

Commenting on the announcement, lawyer and consultant to the Institute for the Solidarity of Women, Inaam Asha, recalled that every 30-year-old citizen has the right to stand for election regardless of gender. However, the lawyer said she was pessimistic about the election results, saying “nothing had really changed”.

Candidate for the third district of Amman, journalist Nesrine Bousalha considered that the electoral law in Jordan gave women the possibility to spontaneously run within the framework of the quota, which increases their chances of gaining access to parliament.