Migration and mobility

The second vaccine authorized in Jordan after that of Pfizer-BioNTech, the Chinese Sinopharm entered the vaccination campaign in Jordan. King Abdullah II and his son Prince Hussein were the first to be vaccinated.

On Wednesday January 13, the kingdom began its vaccination campaign starting with healthcare workers and people over the age of 60. Free for Jordanians and foreign residents, the vaccine will also be available for refugees living in Jordan.

Mostly from Syria, 750,000 refugees (UN statistics), living in Jordan, will benefit from the Covid-19 vaccine. Francesco Bert, international affairs expert at the UNHCR, said in a statement to RFI that the refugees live who in the country are an integral part of the population. By vaccinating them, the Jordanian authorities are ensuring the protection of all society. Francesco Bert called other countries to follow the example of the kingdom. 

It is worth noting that after the drop in new cases, Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh said the restriction measures should be eased soon. He, also, claimed that schools would reopen at the beginning of next month.