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Women's rights

The Eyes on Women Coalition to Monitor Elections from a Gender Perspective, led by the Jordanian Association of the Tadamun Women’s Solidarity Institute, carried out an analysis of the preliminary results of the 19th parliamentary elections held on 10 November. The analysis took into account the number of women on the electoral lists and those who won seats.

The coalition revealed that 52% of the voters' lists are made up of women, who represent only 46% of the actual number of voters. The Independent Elections Authority previously announced that the final lists of electors for the 19th general elections included 4,647,835 people, including 2,447,379 women, or 52.6% of all voters.

Eyes on Women reported that 1,387,698 people participated in these elections, including 638,070,000 women (46%) and 749,618,000 men (54%). The overall turnout reached 29.9%, a lower rate than in the 2016 elections where 36% of voters voted.

According to the preliminary results studied by the coalition, women lost 5 seats and 44,000 votes compared to the composition of the outgoing Parliament. Thus, 5 women won seats thanks to the quota system while no candidate managed to access Parliament via the standard counting system unlike the 2016 legislative elections where 5 women had managed to win seats thanks to this system. While they represented 15.4% of the outgoing Members of Parliament, women will represent only 11.5% of the new training.