Security and countering violence

Lokman Slim, a famous Lebanese intellectual and political activist, was found dead Thursday, February 4, in the south of the country.

An anonymous security source told AFP that the 58-year-old was shot in the head in his car in the Al-Adoussiyeh area. His wife and sister had reported his disappearance since Wednesday evening, saying that he left a village in the south to go to Beirut. On tweeter, his wife, Monika Borgmann, said her husband was not answering the phone and was not been seen since 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Committed to secularism and democracy, Lokman Slim was similarly an editor, essayist, archivist and documentary maker. He had several works. He fought for a diverse and rich Shiite political and social scene.

After the assassination, the Lebanese Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy announced that security authorities have been assigned to investigate what he described as a horror crime.