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Very old buildings and houses in Beirut have partially collapsed due to recent rains. These buildings had already been badly damaged by the explosion at the city’s port on August 4.

Located in the Achrafieh neighbourhood, the popular Rmeil 24 building, which housed the shop of one of the capital’s most renowned artisan glaciers, is one of the buildings that was hit by the weather. Architect and member of the Association for the Protection of Sites and Former Homes in Lebanon (APSAD), Yasmine Macaron, explained in a statement to AFP that Thursday night’s rains “widened the cavities of roofs causing partial destruction.” The architect added that the building could still have been saved if its owner had authority over the consolidation work a little instead.

The explosion of the port of Beirut killed more than 200 people. According to the United Nations, the explosion destroyed or damaged more than 70,000 residential units that are now threatened by winter rains.