Good governance and rule of law


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri presented a new government to the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun.


Saad Hariri announced on Wednesday 14 July 2021 that he presented a new government composed of 24 technocrats to President Aoun. Having already served as head of government, Hariri said that this is a “moment of truth” for the country, which is going through an unprecedented socio-political crisis.


The last Lebanese government resigned in August last year, a few weeks after an explosion at the port of Beirut that killed many people. Since the explosion, the country has been witnessing a political and an economic crisis. The World Bank described the situation in Lebanon as “the worst depression in modern history.”


Mandated last October to form a new government, Hariri said that this government “is able to save the country and avoid a collapse.”


Several countries have called for the formation of a government in Lebanon and the adoption of reforms, making these measures conditional for offering financial aid.