Southern Neighbourhood
Security and countering violence


In its report on the peaceful protests that took place in Tripoli on August 23, Amnesty International said that at least six Libyan protesters were kidnapped, and others were wounded by live gunfire in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

In a statement, the organization called for the release of all the abductees, and for a comprehensive and independent investigation to be conducted into the use of force against the demonstrators.

On Sunday, Libyan demonstrators went to the streets of a number of cities in western Libya, in Tripoli, Misurata, and Al-Zawiya to protest against the deteriorating economic conditions and the spread of corruption in the state apparatus.

At 7:30 pm that same day, unknown persons in camouflaged military clothing opened fire on the crowds without prior warning, using Kalashnikov rifles and other weaponary installed on vehicles.

Sources told the organization that at least six demonstrators were kidnapped during the shooting, which took place in an area under the control of the Nawasi militia of the Libyan Government of National Coalition.

Eyewitnesses added to the organization, that the information they received from members of the Nawasi militia, indicating that this militia is the one behind the shooting at the protesters.

“The Government of National Coalition has a responsibility to protect the right to peaceful protest and to protect the demonstrators from seeking to be silenced with live ammunition, in addition to the necessity to address the fundamental issues that pushed people to the streets,” said Amnesty International’s Regional Representative, Diana Al-Tahawy.