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The United Nations support Mission in Libya announced on 2 July 2021 the failure of the inter-Libyan talks in Geneva. After a 5-day meeting in the Swiss capital, delegates of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) and UN mediators failed to reach a consensus on the modalities for holding presidential and parliamentary elections in December.


Reacting to the failure, Libyan Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dbeibeh renewed his commitment to ensure that the elections will be held on time. In a tweet posted on Saturday evening, the Prime Minister called on “all national parties and the UN mission to assume their responsibilities, prioritise the public interest, and agree on a formula that guarantees holding the elections on time.”


It is worth noting that the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Aguila Saleh, said earlier this week that if the inter-Libyan talks fail, the MPs would revert to a 2014 law that establishes direct universal suffrage for the presidential election.