Security and countering violence

The European Council today imposed targeted restrictive measures against a person involved in support activities in support of acts that threaten the peace, security or stability of Libya, including violations of the UN arms embargo. The sanctions imposed on this person include a ban on entry into the EU and an asset freeze. Furthermore, EU nationals and entities are prohibited from making funds available to sanctioned persons and entities.

This new designation brings the number of persons to which the EU prohibits entry to its territory to 16 and the number of persons and entities whose assets it has frozen to 20 and 19, respectively..

The Council remains deeply concerned by the situation in Libya and in particular by acts threatening the peace, security or stability of the country, including violations of the arms embargo imposed by the United Nations, human rights violations or abuses, as well as attempts to export oil illegally from Libya.

The EU sanctions complement and reinforce the sanctions adopted by the United Nations, which include the arms embargo and individual measures, including for human rights violations.

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