Southern Neighbourhood
Security and countering violence

Speaking before the Security Council, the acting UN envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams, said that violations of the arms embargo, imposed in 2011, are increasing. 

“About 70 planes have landed at eastern airports in support of Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s army, while about 30 planes have been sent to airports in western Libya. Nine cargo ships docked in western ports in support of the Government of National Unity (GNA) while three ships came to benefit pro-Haftar forces”, said Williams. This is the first report on the situation since the situation was last reported on July 8.

Denouncing an attack on Libya’s sovereignty and “a flagrant violation” of the UN arms embargo, the acting UN envoy revealed that foreign support is increasingly present in Libya’s main air bases in the east and west. According to the UN envoy, the UN mission in Libya receives regular reports of a significant presence of mercenaries and foreign agents in the country, which could jeopardize any way out of the crisis.

One should recall that the UN has recently published a report that affirms the presence of the Russian company Wagner, specialized in security, in Libya. Wagner’s agents would support the army of Marshal Khalifa Haftar.