Southern Neighbourhood
Economic development and social dialogue

The Majalat project, which is co-financed by the European Union and aimed at creating and promoting spaces for meetings and constructive dialogue between civil society in the southern Mediterranean and the EU, is launching its subsidized activities in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon.

Five organizations from these countries, beneficiaries of Majalat’s micro-financing, will organize national workshops on the project’s themes. These workshops will be held from September 18 to December 15, 2020.

As a Majalat partner, SOLIDAR will supervise the implementation and coordination of these activities.

- Good governance: Through the “Let's talk about corruption” project, the Lebanese Association for Transparency will organize trainings on the fight against corruption for emerging activist groups.

- Migration: In Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon, the Palestinian Center for Citizens’ Rights and Social Development will launch the ‘From the camp’ project. A project that aims to raise awareness of the refugee situation in the region and to strengthen the role of the media in the process of protecting the rights of refugees.

- Security and fight against violence: In Tunisia, the association Citizenship, Development, Cultures and Migrations of Both Shores (CDCMIR) will implement the project ‘Fezza against extremism’ to fight against violence and extremism among youth.

- Climate and social justice: In Gaza, CIVITAS will implement the project “The sea is ours 2020” to raise awareness among young people on environmental protection and volunteering.

- Economic development and social dialogue: The Egyptian Center for Trade Union Services will organize various online training sessions for independent Egyptian trade union committees to encourage economic and social dialogue.