Good governance and rule of law
Climate and social justice
Migration and mobility
Security and countering violence

Five national organizations from the Southern Mediterranean civil society are carrying out Majalat-funded projects this month following the call for projects launched last July. These actions, which aim to deepen the national issues raised during the regional thematic workshops, will contribute to the Majalat’s dialogue process.

Out of 62 project proposals received, five were selected in relation to Majalat's five priority themes. In Libya, the Libyan Transparency Association (LTA) is conducting a workshop on the role of institutions and civil society in combating corruption and shrinking the space for civil society. In Morocco, the Organization of African Youth (OJA) is organizing an awareness campaign on the rights of migrants. In Lebanon, the Syrian Center for Policy Research is organizing a meeting of Syrian civil society around the post-war economy in Syria. In Morocco, the Center for Searchers, Studies and Research in the Social sciences (CCERSS)  carries out three workshops on the fight against violence. In Palestine, the Palestinian Hydrologic Group for Water and Environmental Development (PHG) is organizing a seminar on the effects and challenges of climate change in agriculture and water in Palestine and the region.

The results of these initiatives will be presented at the Civil Forum in Brussels on December 2nd and 3rd.