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In the framework of its 3rd Med Dialogue Leaders Bootcamp, the Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality project has launched a new call for applications on the theme “Developing critical thinking tools.” The call for applications is addressed to around 30 participants from the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The activity, which will be held in Spain in January 2022 for 5 days, aims at empowering young leaders so as they can contribute to develop more resilient and informed societies by giving them the opportunity to understand what is meant by “Critical Thinking”, learn to face stereotypes, propaganda, or misinformation, and target a problem or need taking into account stakeholders’ influence, develop questioning techniques, as well as gather, assess, and analyze reality with an informed and balanced approach.

Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality is a 3-year (2019 – 2022) EU-funded Technical Assistance regional Programme with the overall objective to strengthen the role of CSOs active at the regional scale, in building sustainable development, regional cohesion and social resilience, as well as in influencing policy-making in the Southern Neighbourhood and the Euro-Mediterranean Space.

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