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Italian media reported that 15 boats with more than 1,400 migrants arrived on Lampedusa over the weekend.


The emergency phone platform Alarm Phone made a distress call after finding five boats in Maltese waters. According to the NGO, the boats were carrying around 400 migrants and were in a critical situation. 


On the other side of the shore, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) announced that more than 700 migrants were intercepted at sea by the Libyan coastguard and sent back to Libya, precisely to Zawiya and Tripoli. Five people, including a child, died in the drowning of their boat on the same day. 


In a statement given to InfoMigrants, Safa Msehli, an IOM official, indicated that the agents present on the spot counted “more than 60 women and at least 40 children” among the migrants who were transferred to detention centres. 


It is worth noting that there are currently no rescue vessels in the search and rescue zone in the central Mediterranean.