Southern Neighbourhood
Migration and mobility

Chartered in the greatest secrecy by the British artist Banksy, the new refugee aid ship, the ‘Louise Michel’, rescued 89 people in the Mediterranean. Setting out last Thursday from the Spanish port of Borriana, near Valencia, the Louise Michel rescued 89 people, including 14 women and 2 children, according to the British newspaper The Guardian, which reported that the ship is currently seeking a safe port to land the migrants or transfer them to a European coastguard ship.

In addition to this rescue operation, ‘Louise Michel’ assisted the Sea-Watch 4 by recovering 200 people rescued by the vessel of the NGOs Sea-Watch and Doctors Without Borders. Commenting on this intervention, Sea-Watch tweeted that ‘a boat sponsored and painted by Banksy and an experienced team from all over Europe secured two rescue operations. We are pleased with this pink reinforcement.”

It should be remembered that the very famous British street artist, Banksy, contacted the German human rights activist Pia Klemp in September 2019, who is known to have piloted several rescue vessels, including the Sea-Watch 3. Today, Pia Klemp is the captain of the ship Louise Michel, in reference to the French anarchist of the 19th century.