Economic development and social dialogue
Women's rights

The Democratic Association of Moroccan Women (Association Démocratique de Femmes de Maroc, ADFM) has indicated that the 2022 Finance Bill lacks an integrated approach that aims to strengthen and protect women’s rights. According to the association, the 2022 Finance Bill has not placed women’s economic and social empowerment “within the framework of a comprehensive reform of the Family Code, the inheritance regime, access to land and property, and the decrease of violence and discrimination in the private and public and digital spaces.”

The ADFM also pointed out that the tax reform proposed in the bill does not address gender equality. Therefore, it recommends that the bill and the sectoral budgets should “respond to the gender approach and decrease the existing gaps between men and women.”

Noting that women’s unemployment rate has increased in comparison to that of men, the association called for “clear and measurable indicators on women’s access to employment and decision-making positions, ownership of land, means of production and real estate in order to ensure an integrated and equitable economic development.”