Southern Neighbourhood
Migration and mobility

Florian Bachelet, a representative of the French Republic Forward Party, revealed in an interview with the newspaper “Telegram” that France is in talks with Morocco to establish a center to accommodate and care for unaccompanied minor migrants in Morocco.

Nouzha El Wafi, Delegate Minister to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and African Cooperation, in charge of Moroccans residing abroad, confirmed last December that the Moroccan authorities “have always expressed their full readiness to receive unaccompanied minors after confirming their Moroccan nationality and identity so that the matter does not turn into a social and media revenue for some parties in the receiving countries.”

Al-Wafi pointed out that the issue of Moroccan minors is of special importance in the agenda of the bilateral meetings of Moroccan experts with their European counterparts, especially the Spanish and the French, stressing that “cooperation in this field is carried out within the framework of the provisions of the Hague Agreement of October 19, 1996, which Morocco signed regarding the rules of specific jurisdiction and law.” 

This law concerns the duty of application, diagnosis and means of cooperation in relation to parental responsibility and measures to protect children and minors.