Security and countering violence

Omar Abdalmajeed Asaad, an 80-year-old Palestinian resident of the occupied West Bank, was stopped by 30 Israeli soldiers on his way home on Tuesday night.

After stopping his car, the soldiers handcuffed the old man and beat him up before abandoning him in a building under construction in the Jiljilyya, north of Ramallah. The body of Omar Abdalmajeed Asaad was found handcuffed a few hours later.

The Palestinian Minister of Health confirmed this version of events, stating that the victim died of a heart attack. For its part, the Israeli army issued a statement saying that the man, who allegedly posed a terrorist threat to the soldiers, had not complied with army orders. However, the statement mentioned that the victim was released after identity checks.

In 2021, 86 Palestinian children were killed by the occupation army, which also arrested four student trade unionists from Birzeit University.