Security and countering violence


An online petition has been launched calling for the resignation of Mahmoud Abbas “from the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Fatah, and the presidency of the Palestinian Authority.” Initiated by Palestinian academics, the petition has already gathered 2,000 signatures and received supported from several political and cultural figures inside and outside the Palestinian Territories.


It is worth noting that Palestine is populated by a majority of young people, the signatories considered that the country must be led by its youth and that the elders should “hand over” power. The petition also pointed out that during the previous events—the Sheikh Jarrah incidents and the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip—Mahmoud Abbas was the “conspicuous absentee.” At the end of the petition, the signatories declared that “the President no longer has any political or national legitimacy and must resign immediately.”


Last April, Mahmoud Abbas decided to postpone the first elections in the Palestinian Territories in fifteen years, which were to be held on 22 May. The President of the Palestinian Authority explained his decision by the fact that Israel refused to hold the elections in occupied East Jerusalem.