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Polish police announced on Saturday that they discovered the body of a young Syrian man near the border between Belarus and Poland. In a statement, the police said that “the cause of death could not be determined at the scene.” Eleven deaths are now caused by the migration crisis on the Belarusian-EU border.

In the same region of Wólka Terechowska, law enforcement officials reported that “about 100 people” tried to force their way across the border, “at the sight of police and soldiers, the people on the Belarusian side fled into the forest.” On Twitter, border guards claimed that Belarusian forces were “arming foreigners with tear gas” and “trying to destroy the temporary border fence.”

The migration crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border has been going on for several months. Migrants from Africa and the Middle East are trying to cross the border into Lithuania, Poland, or Latvia. According to several reports, Belarusian forces force these migrants to cross the borders where they are trapped after being turned back by Polish border guards.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has been accused by the European Union of deliberately provoking the migration as a reaction to the economic sanctions against the country’s repression of the opposition. Russia and Turkey, also accused of coordinating with Minsk to send these migrants across the EU’s borders, deny any involvement in the crisis.